Welcome to Equinox Investments, we are an independent, privately owned and managed investment and project management company focused on investing in, and managing and promoting projects and ventures in the exciting and ground breaking areas of technological innovation, agro-tech, green & sustainable energy, and smart cities.

Equinox Investments was founded in Geneva Switzerland in 2017 with an aim to invest in, to manage, and to promote tech ventures. We streamline startups' operations by learning their methodology and offering a wide range of solutions in such areas as planning and strategy, preparing for funding rounds, assisting in finding investors, as well as setting up procurement projects for our clients.
Our aim is to enable our investments to maximize their business potential, we achieve this by nurturing, guiding and providing them with all the necessary ingredients for commercial success.


We field an industry-leading team of consultants, experts, and managers from a variety of fields. Our team includes professionals from such diverse backgrounds as business development, project management, procurement, tech & engineering, funding & investment, strategy, market analysis, legal & accountancy, as well as administrative

Fields of Investment


Investment services

At Equinox Investments we have the experience, market connections, knowledge and independence from corporate hindrance to provide investors with unique entry-level access to leading innovative tech ventures. Our analysts carry out exhaustive preliminary research and due diligence into every startup opportunity we present to our clients. Our team offers our investors a range of services that includes feasibility surveys, concept definition, financial and market analysis, due diligence, risk assessment, portfolio advisory, investment management, monitoring and reporting, as well as admin services, among others.

Project Management

Equinox Investments provides all-inclusive project management solutions for our investee ventures. Our professionals accompany entrepreneurs and developers, providing project management services and close assistance throughout the lifespan of the project all the way from the initial concept phase, through to market entry and commercial viability.
Our project management package includes project & budget strategy and planning; comprehensive procurement, logistics & supply chain management solutions; HR management; project oversight & monitoring; governance; quality assurance, among others.

Startup Guidance

We work hand-in-hand with our ventures, offering them business development and project management guidance, provide them with invaluable industry connections as well as access to a network of their peers.

Our advisors and agreeable investors provide mentorship to startups, entrepreneurs and developers, sharing our experience and knowledge and helping to steer their venture along the way to successful commercial accomplishment.

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